Chairmen of Working-Committee

The Working Committees of IOA-2018
Working Committee: President, Secretary, President-Elect, two Immediate Past Presidents, Vice Presidents, Hon. Treasurer, and Executive Officer, IOA.
Please note that other committees which will be represented by only one person in any meeting.
Central State Relationship Committee
Dr. Ram Chaddha
Email :
M: 9930626976
Dr.Dhirendra Singh
Email :
M: 9810510532
Dr.Ramesh S.Babu
Email :
M: 9840125909
Foreign Fellowship
Dr. Jamal Ashraf
Dr. John Mukhopadhyaya
M: 7781048484
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Yadav
M: 9868397115
Inland Fellowship
Dr. Atul Bahadur
M: 9412117766
Dr. Indrajit Sardar
M: 9831029010
Dr.Protyush Chatterjee
M: 9831034169
Dr. P. V. Vijayaraghvan
M: 9840043414
Dr. Achimuthu Rajamani
M: 9443350255
Dr.S.S Gill
Basic Sciences & Orthopaedic Research Committee
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sen
M: 9815856677
Dr. Ashok Kumar Shyam
M: 9833110366
Dr.Rajesh Goyal
M: 9414176476
Oncology Section of IOA
Dr. Manish Agarwal
M: 9820353542
Dr. Akshay Tiwari
M: 9818002611
Dr.Ashish Gulia
M: 9920971930
Hand Section of IOA
Dr. Pankaj Jindal
M: 9822031140
Dr. Vikas Gupta
M: 9818482020
Dr. Lokesh Maratha
M: 9837156254
Trauma committee of IOA
M: 9825212034
Dr.Vishal Kumar
M: 9914208789
Dr.Praveen Basanagoudar
M: 9008938028
Dr.H.M Prasanna
I. T. (website) Committee of IOA
Dr. Navin Thakkar
M: 9825387016
Dr. Neeraj Bijlani
M: 9829021844
Dr.Sarvdeep Dhatt
M: 9815126600
Dr. C.K. Ameta
M: 9414157382
Membership Drive Committee
Dr. Raja Ravi Varma
M: 9841131107
Dr.Rajan sharma
M: 9812054730
Dr.Bhuwan Kumar Singh
M: 9431243227
M: 9437015224
M: 9886133211
Medico Legal Committee
Dr.Sudhir Kumar
Dr.P.K Raju
M: 9895864100
Dr. Rahul Kumar Katta
M: 9829010490
Dr. V. J. Purushotham
M: 9845019047
Rural & Social Orthopaedics Committee
Dr. Venkatesh Mulimani,
M: 9480555512
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta,
M: 9419195054
Ethics & Protocol
Dr. Haroon Khizir Taqi Raza
M: 9301435137
Dr. Naresh Shetty
M: 8023227052
Dr.Ashok Vij
M: 9837007577
Presidents Theme Committee
Dr.Ranjit Baruah
Dr.Tajan P.J
M: 9447351881
M: 9415268897
M: 9426120404
Dr.Naseer Ahmad Mir
M: 9149007018
Ladies Cell
Dr.Rujuta Mehta
M: 9821024711
Dr.Vallencia Myrboh
Dr.Aarti Dewan
Financial Advisory Committee (for suggestions and advise)
Dr.Shishir Rastogi
M: 9891245130
Dr.Sameer Aggarwal
M: 7087009748
Dr.Rajesh Lal chandani
M: 9810987514
Ortho Biologic
Dr.Vaibhav Bagaria
M: 9999642211
Dr.Sandeep Patel
M: 9901440404
Dr.Prateek Gupta