Chairmen of Working-Committee

The Working Committees of IOA-2019
Working Committee: President, Secretary, President-Elect, two Immediate Past Presidents, Vice Presidents, Hon. Treasurer, and Executive Officer, IOA.
Please note that other committees which will be represented by only one person in any meeting.
Central State Relationship Committee
Dr.Ramesh S.Babu
Email :
M: 9840125909
Dr. Ravi K. Gupta
Email :
M: 9646121592
Dr. N.C.Mohapatra
Email :
M: 9437126788
International Affairs & Fellowship Committee
Dr. Jamal Ashraf
Dr. Sachin Tapasvi
M: 9822018871
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Yadav
M: 9868397115
Inland Fellowship Committee
Dr. Anup Agrawal
M: 9415018365
Dr. Tajan P. J.
M: 9447351881
Dr. Abhay Elhence
M: 8003996926
UG / PG Training Committee
Dr. Rajagopalan N. Iyer
M: 9886144233
Dr. E. Krishna Kiran
M: 9848074511
Dr. Shantanu Lahkar
M: 9435031036
Basic Sciences & Orthopaedic Research Committee
Dr.Rajesh Goyal
M: 9414176476
Dr. Ashok Kumar Shyam
M: 9833110366
Dr. Sunil Ashok Gavaskar
M: 9841552000
Oncology Section of IOA
Dr. Manish Agarwal
M: 9820353542
>Dr.Ashish Gulia
M: 9920971930
Dr. Brajesh Nandan
M: 9958575334
Hand Section of IOA
Deepthi Nandan Adla Reddy
M: 7893844800
Dr. Tahir Ansari
M: 9868945342
Dr. M.V. Reddy
M: 9000040495
Dr. Sudhir Kumar
M: 9431101163
Trauma committee of IOA
Dr. Vikas Agashe
M: 9821342502
Dr. Mukesh Jain
M: 8745321010
Dr. Ajith Kumar
M: 9844084604
Dr. Vivek Trikha
M: 9650430733
Dr. Rajeev Chatterjee
M: 9830117058
I.T.( Website) Committee/E-library/Webinar/Online Teaching Committee
Dr. Raju Vaishya
M: 9810123331
Dr. K.P. Sunny
M: 9447465284
Dr. Samarth Mittal
M: 9013562489
Dr. S.S. Amarnath
M: 9886046638
Dr. S.S. Amarnath
M: +44 7747667717
Membership Drive Committee
Dr. Raja Ravi Varma
M: 9841131107
Dr. C.S. Ajmani
M: 9426120404
Dr. Harpal Singh Selhi
M: 9815022527
Dr. Sanjeev Pattnaik
M: 8093060267
Dr. Anurag Talesra
M: 9680221159
Dr. (Col.) Chetan Sood
M: 9235553096
Legal and Grievance Committee
Dr. V. J. Purushotham
M: 9845019047
Dr. Atul Bahadur Singh
M: 9412117766
Dr. Harish Murthy
M: 9880765855
Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta (Advocate)
M: 9999032335
CROSS Initiative Committee/Community Responsive Orthopaedic Surgeon/Surgery
Dr. Venkatesh Mulimani,
M: 9480555512
Dr. Rajeev Raman,
M: 8420244544
Dr. Ravi Sauhta
M: 9810512377
Dr. Rajesh Gupta
M: 9419195054
Blue book & Protocol Committee
Dr. Sudhir K. Kapoor
M: 9958553333
Dr. Naresh Shetty
M: 8023227052
IOA “Train the Trainers” CME Committee
Dr. Rajeev Anand
M: 9431019929
Dr. Ranjit Singh
M: 9334338011
Ladies Cell of IOA
Dr.Rujuta Mehta
M: 9821024711
Dr.Vallencia Myrboh
M: 9485446528
Dr.Aarti Dewan
M: 9815593236
Disaster Response Committee of IOA
Dr. K.V. Rajendra
M: 9880825541
Dr. Atul Vaish
M: 9811221719
Dr. Amit Rastogi
M: 9415202610
Dr. Debabrata Padhy
M: 9337431976
Dr. K.S. Maheshwari
M: 9825212034
Dr. Rajesh Kapila
M: 9814002355
Ethics/Consensus Statement/Evidence based Medicine Committee of IOA
Dr. Rajeev Jain
M: 9810144912
Dr. Bhavuk Garg
M: 9899558021
Dr. Shashank Mishra
M: 9899961606