Get password for Online Election

To Create /Generate /Set  Password for  Log In  - Online Voting 

One Has to activate - Update his or Her Online  Profile -While activation Member will  Choose /Set His or Her Own Password in Procedure itself 

( How to Log In ?  -  Log In by LM*****( LM nospace five digits)  and Password You generated /Choose /Set Yourself while activation Process itself ) -Click Below Help files to know How to  Create/Choose /Set Password yourself  for Log In - Online Election 

For A Short  Step By Step  Help of Procedure Pl Click here   and  Create / Set Your own Password -PDF opens separately 

For Complete Step by Step Help for Activation Click Here   and Create / Set Your Own Password -WebPage opens Separatly 

For Complete Step By Step Help for Online Voting on Website or Mobile Application - Click Here and Complete Your Voting Right -PDF opens separately