Secretary's message

From the Office of Hon. Secretary

Dear Great Orthopods,

Greetings from Office of the Honorary Secretary, Indian Orthopaedic Association!

This is the first News letter of Indian Orthopaedic Association in the 61st year of IOA. We had cherished three issues of IOA News in 60th Diamond Jubilee year of IOA, in four months interval. News letter is the most important communication channel between Indian Orthopaedic Association and his all members. This not only gives information but is a channel to make members well informed to get positive input during deliberations. Now it's time to Cherish the IOA NEWS in the post Diamond Jubilee era of I.O.A.

I, with you, as a WE; tried to do justice with this post as a responsible Secretary of Indian Orthopaedic Association. We would like to maintain the outline as well as the complete plan of the news letter as “IOA NEWS” more informative & in the level of journals too. We have tried to incorporate news from all corners of India and efforts are being made that each and every chapter & zone of IOA gets due representation in the “IOA NEWS”. OUR IOA News is much more informative with wide margin of coverage than any News Letter of Orthopaedics World.

I am happy to share few important IOA activities which were unique & happened first time in IOA in last year and in this year too, included:

We are one of the largest Orthopaedic Association in the Orthopaedic World with the membership of more than Eleven Thousands.

We kept the flag of IOA high in Ortho World. IOA is represented in all world Orthopaedic Forum like American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons AAOS (Dr HR Jhunjhunwala, Dr Ram Prabhoo, Dr Vinod Tiwari) British Orthopaedic Association BOA (Dr Sanjay Jain, Secretary IOA & Dr Nirmal Chandra Mohapatra) Indian Orthopaedic Surgeon – United Kingdom IOS-UK (President & Secretary IOA) Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeon and Traumatology RCOST (Dr HR Jhunjhunwala & Dr Amit Ajgaonkar) Hongkong Orthopaedic Association HKOA (Dr Sudhir K Kapoor, President Elect IOA and Dr Saurabh Agrawal) Singapore Orthopaedic Association SOA (Dr Sanjay Jain & Dr Satya Ranjan Patra) SICOT (Dr HR Jhunjhunwala) Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association (Dr Jamal Ashraf) etc.

>The 60th Annual Conference of IOA was a Diamond Jubilee Conference, by the diamonds, for the diamond and of the diamonds: Orthopods of India. All the Pearls, Emeralds and rare Gems of Ortho World who attended this conference from this globe, made it a thumping success.

There was a very good communication between IOA Office and its member. Honorary Secretary utilized all the way of communication whether it was e-mail and SMS or social media like WhatsApp or Face Book.

Hon. Secretary informed and acknowledged to all new members of IOA about their receipt of application, membership number, Certificate by E mail, WhatsApp, SMS even on Face Book too.

Update or change of address was done by Hon. Secretary and acknowledged duly by E mail, WhatsApp, SMS even on Face Book too.

Information of New release of IOA News was sent to all member of IOA by SMS and resending of duplicate copy of IOA News was done on non receipt of so on SMS.

There was a mile stone change in Scientific program of IOACON 2o16 @ Kochi regarding the change of date of submission of abstract which was informed to all member by using the all way of communication apart from IOA News including SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp or Face Book etc.

A to Z of Diamond Jubilee IOACON 2o15 @ Jaipur was get due place in IOA News including pictures and their caption. This includes President Address, Welcome Address, CME, Royal Baggie Chariot Ride of Past Presidents, Inaugural function, Presidential Dinner,Banquet cum cultural program, Exchange of Jewel, Kids and Ladies entertainment program, Valedictory function etc. National Orthopaedic Quiz for the Post Graduate student was conducted so smoothly in Diamond Jubilee IOACON and get detailed placement in IOA News. ALL the awards winner, Orator of IOA Orations, Lecturer of Conference Lectures, Orthopaedic Trauma Association Program, British Autumn Session get the proper place in IOA News. Inaugural Function of 60th Annual IOACON was so got appropriate attention with a proper history of IOA since its inception in 1955. Diamond Jubilee Year of Indian Orthopaedic Association IOA News letter is in new flavour with A to Z information's of ortho world. IOA News letter is in new flavour with A to Z information's of ortho world. Update of IOA Members directory with e-mail ID & contact Numbers by professionals is going on. Publication of IOACON brochure in IOA News, including IOACON 2o15 @ Jaipur & IOACON 2o16 @ Kochi. India declared as a "Guest Nation" for the year 2016 by Orthopaedics Trauma Association USA. Two IOA Representative along with others will be attending the 2016 OTA Annual Meeting in Maryland, USA during 5th October to 7th October 2o16. India declared as a "Guest Nation" for the year 2017 AAOS Annual Meeting in San Diego, USA. Two IOA Representative attended the 2016 AAOS Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida USA during 1st March to 5th March 2o16. Minutes of General Body Meeting & Post Valedictory Executive Committee Meeting was sent to all Official of IOA before publication. Since last year we are maintaining to send the minutes of Executive Committee Meeting, Central State Relationship Committee and other meeting like Academic Committee Meeting to all Official of IOA before publication. All official of IOA around 150 in number get their pictured representation along with e-mail & contact numbers in IOA News. All new applicant of IOA get communication in IOA letter pad regarding their detailed receipt of application and membership number. Change of name of 'IOA- Dartmouth Hitchcock Fellowship' to “IOA - Dr Dilip K Sengupta Fellowship” was occurred in last year only. Change of name of 'IOA- DePuy (Johnson & Johnson) Foreign Fellowship' to “IOA – Arthroplasty Foreign Fellowship” was occurred in last year only. IOA Glasgow Fellowship has maximum number of applicant which was around forty. Institution of Diamond Jubilee Oration to mark the 60th Year of Indian Orthopaedic Association. Institution of Dr HR Jhunjhunwala Trophy for best chapter award of IOA for the small states with membership of less than 400 Members.Ratification of Zonal System of IOACON in Zone one to zone five. A common sticker on Bone & Joint Day was prepared by IOA & made available to all Orthopod of India along with the News Letter of IOA for display in the Clinic & Hospital. Reports from state chapter of IOA presented in PPT during the CSRC meeting were included in IOA News. IOA - OEP (Ortho Excellence Program) a one day CME initiative by Abbott Healthcare was organized in 28 cities of 14 State of India in Tier I & Tier II cities except Metro cities, educating over 2000 Orthopaedicians on latest guidelines and treatment methodologies. Transparency of IOA activities and functions is maintained by sending a Cc of all e-mail communication to official e-mail ID IOA. All members of IOA are instructed to send Cc communication to IOA official e-mail ID also. Honorary Secretary made an e-mail communication to its member and Officials of IOA & International organization by more than 1800 mails in last year in 2o15 which was a record. Average was 5 mails per day. Efforts were made to decrease the work load on executive officer as far as possible by sharing and dividing the work. Honorary Secretary worked 24 X 7 days in whole year. He worked Day and Night, Morning and Evening, Early morning to Late night. Time was no bar for him. Working for IOA is passion for him. 3rd Constitutional amendment was ratified in IOACON 2o15 @ Jaipur. This lead to the following mile stone changes in IOA: 1* Deletion of Full Membership of IOA. 2* State Chapter President and Secretary automatically become the State Representative (EC Member) of IOA. State chapter having member of 250 to 499, will have one state representative and still chapter having 500 or more member, would have two state representative of IOA. 3* Election of one vice president who will automatically become the president elect next year and president year after. In this year there will be election of one vice president (Not Two) and one president elect. Vice president would be the election officer. Year 2o16 is the beginning of election of only one vice president post, not two. Year 2o15 was the last year of election of two vice president post. Year 2o16 is the last years of election of president elect post. 4* Minimum 5 years of life membership and residing in India is required to contest for any post of IOA. 5* Formation of Benevolent Fund of IOA. Things happened first time in the history of IOACON were as followed: 1* It was a Diamond Jubilee conference to mark the 60th years of IOA since its inception in the year 1955. 2* It was 3rd IOACON in the city of Jaipur (2ooo, 2o1o, 2o15). 3* Total number of registered delegate was 6800 which was a record till date. 4* Maximum number of Free Papers (1500) and Posters (700) were received and were subjected to blind peer reviewing. 5* Registration fee were kept lesser then previous IOACON. 6* All unmarried children of registered couples were given free registrations. 7* Complementary registrations was given to all executive committee member apart from senior citizens. 8* Royal Baggie- Chariot Ride of past presidents in cream coloured Jodhpuri suit with the Army Band was unforeseen. 9* All past presidents were garlanded in a large Flower garland @ the entrance of main auditorium. 10* There was a dedicated program by British Orthopaedic Association (British Autumn), by Indian Orthopaedic Society – UK, by Orthopaedic Trauma Association – USA and by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons during this Diamond Conference. 11* 24 Past Presidents and 14 Past Secretaries of IOA blessed the Diamond Jubilee IOACON 2o15. 12* Contribution to IOA before adjournwas an unbelievable record. Our main aim for this year is to update the data of member for the online election of Indian Orthopaedic Association. I would like to have our IOA election by “IOA App” in near future as in UK of British Orthopaedic Association by “BOA App”. We have to start also SMS service to ourmembers. We have to use WhatsApp for better way of Communication. We made a lot of changes in our web site. All state chapters got the link for their own state web site. A humble appeal to all Orthopod, whenever they have communication with IOA, please send a copy of your all communication to below mentioned e-mail ID also; / / / / On behalf of Indian Orthopaedic Association I would like to welcome all of you on this POST diamond jubilee Conference of Indian Orthopaedic Association to be held from 12th December to 17th December 2o16 in Kochi Kerala. With warm regards & best wishes In service of Indian Orthopaedic Association..

Dr. Sanjay Jain