President's message

Dear Collogues,

It gives me immense pleasure to address you all as the president of IOA, a very active and vibrant organization with one of the largest memberships in the Asia Pacific Region.  IOA, foundedin the year 1956 has a long and outstanding history.Our founding fathers were pioneers and stalwarts in their chosen branches of Orthopedic and have toiled hard to get IOA to the enviable position that it enjoys today. IOA's star is on the ascendant and we are on the cusp of radically transforming. India’s perception in the International Orthopedic Community. We feel proud today that two of our members are Secretary of APOA (DR JAMAL ASHRAF) and President of SICOT PROF RAJA, both of which are universally acclaimed global organizations.
Helen Keller put it beautifully when she said 'One cannot consent to creed when one feels the impulse to soar'.

I feel very proud to announcing that India has been chosen as a guest motion by more other than AAOS for 2017 and BRITISH ORTHOPADIC ASSOCIATION in 2018. This indeed is a feather in our cap and a well-deserved pat on our backs. It is you all who have made it happen. Our Scientific data is shared at world conferences. Our NRI orthopaedicians have toiled hard to showcase Indian Surgical skills and acumen to the world. India is on the verge of a historical transformation and IOA is a part of it.

We have achieved much as an Organization yet there is lot more to be done. Each annual conference scientific content, our revamped website is up and running and our Fellowships attract more and more appliances every year.

Thus I urge all members to join hands together and do our little bit to enhance the status and prestige of
our Organization.Please Step up to lead in administrative position, volunteer to mentor to our younger colleagues, participate actively in our annual conferences, contribute academic articles to our website - the opportunities are endless!  Goethe famously exhorted "Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough , we must do it " This year’s theme "Integration for Enrichment" denotes the change that we all are looking forward to. By compounding our strength and integration each and every member we will confidently take IOA to its Zenith.

The scorpions got it right when they sang winds of change "The future's in the air. I can feel it everywhere, blowing with the winds of change" Jai Hind!  Jai IOA!                                 

Your President IOA
Dr Ram Prabho