Build Your Own Customized Website

This feature is new and is for  members only . Purpose of this feature is to  have each member  a possibility to showcase his/her  education , achievements , attachments , availability , specialty  and other details to communicate with patients and visitors of website . Design of template is made such that each member can explore possibilities to showcase his or her  approach to patient , their staff , their availability at different clinics and their specialty and achievements  with facility to get feedback from patients . I feel each member will use this facility to the best . Those members who has made their website active will get their  url  displayed in member search area and aslo in Find your Orthopedic Surgeon facility for patients and Traders .  For example  in search your website link will show like this Member No : LM03082

Name : Navin N Thakkar

Member Website :

My request to various office bearers - past , present and regional chapters to update their profile,update  color photo( 140 W* 160 H ) and build their own website and make it active with deciding their web address (url - xxxxxxx) for its publication against the name of office bearers . Detailed help file is  available  in down load area  as pdf file - Help File for Build Your Own Customized Website  , kindly go through it  after activating your member log in - Build Your Own Customized Website  . Please read help files and suggestions and then apply .

What is the advantage to have Your Own Web address - You can paste this link at various places to have your uniform profile where other can interact to you from information  and you can show your achievements and your approach to patient as a Proud member of Indian Orthopedic Association . Read Help file and you will come to know more advantages and Utilities .  

1. Facebook - Facebook is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about social media. You can add your website to your profile and whenever someone will visit your profile, will be tempted to visit your website as well.

2. Visiting Cards - How many doctors have their website mentioned on their visiting cards? Start a new trend and let people contact you not only through phone and mail but also through your website. Become a trendsetter.

3. E-mail Signature - Make your e-mails look more professional by adding your website to your e-mail signature and provide all the means to contact you. 

4. Blog - After reading what you have written and being moved or enlightened, people tend to get curious about the author. Provide the readers with the link to your website where they can get to know more about you.

5. LinkedIn - A place for all the corporates to connect, let the business world know more about you without saying anything. Make a statement.