Indian Orthopedic Association


  1. Open site. à Click on ‘yes’ button for update your profile.


  1. Now fill up your LM no. (LM as Prefix and then Five (5) Digits of membership number without any space between LM and digits- Now all LM number has Five digits as membership numbers grown to five digits – For example –if your number is 1 – then it will be LM00001, same if 11 –then LM00011, if 111- then LM00111 … so on) and email id and click on submit button. If you don’t know or remember your LM no so please click on ‘Know your LM no. / Search here if Forgotten’ link.


  1. If LM no. not know and click on search link then please fill up Either Your First Name or Surname – Only for Broader Search ( as existing IOA  database has no separate fields of Surname and Name , if want to  further Narrow Search – put also your Sate  Name and to further Narrow your search put your City  field and click on submit button so your detail will be shown with LM no. of Five digits –so  your ID is LM*****  Once You will Build Your Own Website after Successful login – and if You select in Website Maintenance – Administration option to publish your web side radio button on and give name after /  in that admin area if your own web site – Your complete website link with all your details –will be seen as your link to website with LM number – if someone – other member , patient , trade partner  will search – they can connect to your and can see your achievements , your specialty etc.  from your website and patient can generate inquiry to your receptionist –administration etc.

For Example: Dr Navin Thakkar LM03082 has published his website made on IOA templates with all details will show in Search area (Just as Guide to see how it will look if You Build Your own Website).

For Further help – How to Build on Your website click Link


  1. After fill up- if Your email ID matches with existing database of IOA -  1st step activation link will  go on Existing email id. On screen  Thanks message will show here and You will receive in email  an Activation Link – Click On that and activate by Choosing your own Password Which will be encrypted automatically and  You can Change immediately or any time . For Security purpose every log in and every filling of form is traced on IP address of website user with time and location of IP address from which one is seeing or filling data on our website so there is continuous IP Surveillance going on.

  1. Open your Existing email id and click on Activation link in Email as example below.

  1. Update member profile from here and save this…


Submit from here…

  1. Now confirm your update profile on this page.


Confirm from here…

  1. After submit data thanks message show.

After update this profile mail with details comes on member email account – save it for future use.


  1. If second time any member update profile so message show as like this…‚Äč
  2. If profile update time any credential not match at first step with Existing Database – Like your LM number and Email address does not match – then you will have to fill below form of update -  so this form open so fill up this.



After fill up this submit from here…

  1. Now confirm from here after submit data…

Click on confirm button…


After confirm Thank message show…- This new submission will go to IOA office for verification and once verified – then you will get activation Link for your passwords.

  1. After update this profile mail come on member email account – if you do not get activation Link after this procedure in due time -  Contact IOA office with email address  and Mobile phones on this Contact Link.


After getting your Password – You will be able to Log in with LM***** (LM5digitnumber) and your password on website.

For Election Process Online

After Update your Profile and then you can login from website  or IOA Mobile Android App. Member can Vote for Election.